April was my last month at Africa’s largest Innovation Centre

It was almost 6 pm in the evening as I was walking down Commercial Avenue in Yaba. I was coming from the hub after being flushed with a plethora of emotions; having heard a lot of nice things about myself and the impact that I had made during my year at CcHUB. The walk gave me some time to reflect.

My 2020 Year in Review

Disrupting Kelvin

If you had shown me a glimpse of 2020 while I was writing my 2019 Year in Review and making plans for 2020, I would have said you needed to stop watching too much fiction. The year was unlike anything I had experienced before; it came with a rollercoaster of emotions and felt so long because a whole lot happened from beginning to the end — nonstop. Just like a well-written fiction, the world was in suspense, the future always seemed bleak and at a few times, it almost seemed like the end of the world.

COVID-19 Intervention Program by CcHUB

Mankind evolving

Mankind has greatly evolved since the prehistoric hunter-gatherer days and we have had to challenge ourselves to solve our problems through this journey. All of the conveniences we enjoy today were unfathomable in previous years. These conveniences come as a result of businesses choosing to solve the problems we face daily.

This system is the only substantial and sustainable way to make long-lasting progress on the greatest challenges we come across as humans and one of such challenges is the global pandemic that the world is facing right now which was caused by the new Coronavirus.

Finding Kelvin; Choosing your path

I grew up in the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria. One of the most interesting things about growing up a city like Lagos is that it gives you the option of becoming anything you want to be. The biggest issue for many of us is having a plethora of options in the first place. If you grew up in a Nigerian home like myself, it means your Saturday mornings look a little like this; wake up early in the morning, gather round for the family prayer in the sitting room and start clean-up of the entire house. …

The Ephemerality of the human condition

A Walk Down Memory Lane

A Professor Emeritus of Jewish History and Literature in the Department of Judaic Studies at Brooklyn College, Shnayer Leiman published a journal, “Judith Ish — Kishor: This too shall pass”. He described it as ‘an adage that has provided succour for many a person in distress, a powerful reminder that life does not stand still, and one must always anticipate change, hopefully for the better’. The origin of the phrase is unknown to many. In Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 63, the phrase, “And this, too, shall pass away.” was mentioned to have been engraved on a ring by an Eastern…

My 2019 Year in Review and a little more

Finding Kelvin

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.“

— Steve Jobs

The journey that led me here

Have you ever felt that urge to understand your journey, your purpose and to even understand yourself? The need that originates from the feeling that you are alone in this world, and that your progress is dependent on the process of figuring out your life, and the result(s) thereof. Steve Jobs, in the quote above, shared something profound that I have held on to for the past few years…

The biggest developer event across Africa!

DevFest Lagos 2019 started with a downpour during the early hours of the day, surprisingly it did not hinder any of the processes of planning and attending. Developers and tech enthusiasts walked towards the small canopies in front of the event hall to check-in to the event after which they picked up their tags and t-shirts then made their way to the main entrance of the main event hall.

A big banner at the entrance that had logos of the DevFest Lagos 2019 sponsors, at that spot most people stopped to take selfies of…

An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Exactly 3 years ago, I was sitting across my lecturer in his office discussing my interest for my final year project. Even with limited exposure and experience, I had always been fascinated by ‘Automation’. Automation is the use of computer-controlled devices to assume control of processes; it is the technique of making a system or process operate automatically. The term, ‘automation’, was first used in the automobile industry to describe the increased use of devices and controls that could operate automatically in the production lines. This greatly increased the efficiency and reliability of systems during manufacturing. …

My 2018 Year in Review

Assume you’re reading this in January…lol

I got notifications from the article I released last week and I got to my drafts only to find this article as one of the articles I never got to release. I started the article while in Onitsha, Anambra State, for Golibe Festival 2018. Apparently, I never published it, so here’s an article that was written for January 2019:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something: your…

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